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I…am a leader

In a piece taken from our “Becoming A Conservation Leader” Programme, Becky shares her thoughts on why effective leadership is an essential skill for any conservationist, at any level of the hierarchy.

A new way of working

This month’s blog is an opinion piece from our Programme Manager, Becky. She shares her thoughts on how leadership lessons learnt from the Covid-19 lock-down might open up an opportunity for a new way of working in the future.

Gambia 2020

As the early morning light glinted on the freshwater pools, the shrill call of a Wood Sandpiper alerted us to its presence. Nearby a Common Sandpiper was busily searching the water’s edge for food, and a small group of Barn Swallows passed by. Meanwhile, a lone...

Making change in conservation

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of attending a conference on Osprey conservation in central and eastern Europe, held in Warsaw in Poland. It brought together conservationists from different countries in the region, including Germany, Finland, Latvia,...

White-tailed Eagle Chicks

Our Star of the Future Anya joined Tim and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation to assist with the collection of the White-tailed Eagle chicks for the Isle of Wight Project. Find out more here…

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