Evolving Conservation Leaders

We provide support for young people with the passion, motivation and aptitude to become future leaders within the conservation and environmental sectors.

Tailored leadership training

We believe everyone is a leader and that leadership skills are just as important to young conservationists beginning their careers as those in more senior positions. We provide bespoke mentoring and training opportunities for the young leaders that we work with. Our participants work closely with their individual mentors to develop their career and abilities as a leader.

Connecting young leaders

As anyone that has progressed to a senior role will agree, a strong network can pay dividends. We believe in the power of connecting our conservation leaders to their peers across boundaries and cultures. We actively connect our young leaders to share ideas, learning and encouragement. This is at the core of what we do, focused along the osprey’s migratory flyway from the UK to The Gambia.

Work Experience

To support young leaders within the mentoring scheme, we collaborate with conservation NGOs to offer unique work experience placements for the young people we work with in both the UK and The Gambia.

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