Our projects

We work to inspire young people about the natural world and to help them to develop into conservation leaders who can make a difference at both a grassroots and international level. We currently work with aspiring conservationists in the UK and The Gambia – countries at opposite ends of the migration flyway – and hope to expand to other regions on the flyway in the future.

Our work can be divided into three key areas, or levels. Click on the links to below to find out more about the projects we’re working on at present.

We aim to inspire, enable and support young people in three key areas:

Level 1

Osprey Club Scheme

Osprey Clubs provide a unique opportunity for children in under-resourced rural schools in The Gambia to participate in birdwatching field trips. This helps them to learn about, value, and be inspired by the nature on their doorsteps.

Level 2

Becoming A Conservation Leader

A 12-week, online programme aimed at those in the early stages of their career in nature conservation, and those looking to improve their leadership skills in entry and middle level roles in conservation or related organisations around the world (aged 18-35).

Level 3

Evolving Conservation Leaders

To support aspiring conservationists in the early stages of their career through tailored leadership mentoring, bespoke work experience opportunities and connecting peers.

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