We have a favour to ask of you all. We’d like to be able to make the most of every penny of your donation, and there’s two ways you can help us do this:

  1. If you haven’t already, to sign up to Gift Aid. OLF is registered for Gift Aid, a scheme run by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which allows charities like OLF to reclaim the tax on your donations to us, at no extra cost to you. This means your monthly donations to us will be worth 25% more; for example, if you’re donating £10.00 a month, we’ll receive £12.50. To be a gift aider you must be a current UK taxpayer, but this is not limited to tax on earnings. You also qualify if you pay tax on a pension, savings, property sales or rental income. Council Tax and VAT will not qualify as income tax. You only need to have paid as much in tax as OLF will reclaim on your donations. We need your permission to make this claim on your donation and therefore if you are happy for us to, you will need to tick the box in our Friends of OLF Registration Form to allow us to claim for this donation and any donations you make in the future or have made in the past four years.
  2. If you are currently making your donation via PayPal, please consider switching your payment to standing order so that your money goes directly from your bank account to the OLF bank account. PayPal charge 1.4%+20p per donation, so for every £10.00 you donate, PayPal receive 34p. It may not sound like a lot, but these small amounts add up and really do make a difference to a small charity like OLF. If you do choose to pay by standing order, please don’t forget to cancel your PayPal payment.

We hope that you might have a few minutes to update your details (we need your title, name and address to be able to claim gift aid). In the registration form you can sign up to Gift Aid and then confirm how you would like to pay going forward. If you are already paying by PayPal and wish to continue to do so, please do not complete the payment set up when it takes you to the PayPal page, instead close the tab.


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