We’re excited to be launching a new initiative this September – the Osprey Leadership Academy (OLA).

We are all aware of the grave ecological crisis the planet is facing, and if we are going to do anything to help nature make a comeback then we urgently need entrepreneurial conservation leaders who think differently, communicate engagingly, have a bold and proactive vision.
We want to help you to become one of those leaders.

OLA is aimed at young leaders who are embarking on or in the early stages of a career in nature conservation.

As part of OLA we’re launching a 12 week online course called ‘Becoming A Conservation Leader’. We’ll provide you with conservation and leadership material and invite you to take part in discussion forums, and also have input from leading names in nature conservation. This is all completely free of charge – the only commitment we need from you is to participate actively on the programme each week.

We’ve developed this course with our Chair of Trustees and Leadership Guide, Barry Dore. Over the past nineteen years, Barry has worked with thousands of people (including hundreds of leaders at all levels within The Wildlife Trusts movement) helping them to unlock potential, become authentic leaders and deliver sustainable change. His passions include inspiring and enabling young leaders in their development, building sustainable communities and being a positive force in building a better world through effective collaboration and communication. Barry shares his comprehensive understanding of the key traits of great leaders in his book Lead Like Mary, and podcasts Leadership Reflections; these traits underpin the themes in each unit of Becoming A Conservation Leader. Week by week we’ll explore how the traits of a truly effective leader can set you apart as someone who can and will make positive change in the nature conservation movement.

Becoming A Conservation Leader commences the week beginning 16th September and finishes with an optional networking event on 6th December 2019. 

You must be 18 or over to participate. All you need is access to a computer and the internet so that you can access our website, and ideally an email address we can contact you on. Learning materials will be added to the website on a weekly basis so that you can read, listen, watch them and complete the exercises at your own pace.  

To register your interest fill in the contact form on this page or email info@ospreylf.org


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Exploring leadership, becoming a great leader, truly making a difference to the world around you, is an amazing journey.

Sometimes, when we think of leaders we think of the people at the top of organisations, Chief Executives and Directors, but anyone can be a leader – it is a choice we make. Leaders can exist at every level within the organisational hierachy. We do not even need to line manage another person in order to be a leader. Leaders exist everywhere, including the front line, where they lead through their influence and credibility.

…some people are born leaders, but many others can develop the skills, attributes, self awareness, understanding and experience to become effective leaders throughout their lives. Barry Dore - Lead Like Mary

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