Welcome to the Osprey Leadership Academy

Are you a young conservationist who wants to make a difference?

If so, the Osprey Leadership Academy is for you.

We offer a range of free online programmes, blogs and networking opportunities aimed at early career conservationists that will challenge you to think differently, and to find your voice.

Am I a leader?

We traditionally think of leaders as being at the top of organisations, controlling vast budgets and numbers of people, but leaders exist at every level. You do not need to line manage a single other person in order to be a leader.

We believe that effective leadership is about who you are, not what you are. Anyone can be a leader; it’s a choice every single one of us can make.

Why is leadership important in conservation?

Effective leadership is essential if we are to tackle the ecological crisis facing our planet.

We need to be bold and innovative in our thinking, to be able to communicate our vision engagingly, and have an absolute determination to keep going.

We want to help you to do just that; to become a leader who can inspire others and make change happen.

How can I get involved?

Check out the links to find out more about our online programmes, workshops and to read our conservation leadership blog. You can also sign-up for our newsletter.

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Exploring leadership, becoming a great leader, truly making a difference to the world around you, is an amazing journey.

Sometimes, when we think of leaders we think of the people at the top of organisations, Chief Executives and Directors, but anyone can be a leader – it is a choice we make. Leaders can exist at every level within the organisational hierachy. We do not even need to line manage another person in order to be a leader. Leaders exist everywhere, including the front line, where they lead through their influence and credibility.

…some people are born leaders, but many others can develop the skills, attributes, self awareness, understanding and experience to become effective leaders throughout their lives.

Barry Dore - Lead Like Mary

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