Ozzie’s Summer Home, written by one our our wonderful friends of the Osprey Leadership Foundation, Ken Davies, is the final part of the popular Ozzie trilogy and continues the story of the first few years of a young osprey’s life. In this book Ozzie arrives back in Rutland for the second time, intent on pairing up again with with the young female he met briefly the previous year. This time their partnership is more productive, and leads to a happy summer for the Ospreys and all the people who follow them. This heartwarming story is beautifully illustrated by John Wright. It is John and Ken’s wish to sell John’s original artwork to raise money for the Osprey Leadership Foundation. Each illustration costs £125.00 and can be purchased by bank transfer. Please email info@ospreylf.org to let us which of the illustrations you would like by telling us the number which captions the picture of the artwork below and we’ll let you know the details to make the payment.


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