Evolving Conservation Leaders
Summer Seminar

Wednesday 19th July 2023

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Our speakers and an introduction to their presentations are listed below: 

Adele Benson – Living Legends: Lessons from Poland

Ancient trees are pieces of natural history, they’ve witnessed centuries of change and been part of
our landscape for generations. Right now most ancient trees have no real legal protection in the UK
and local communities are having to take drastic measures to save important trees in their
neighbourhoods. They deserve the same sort of protection enjoyed by old buildings, beloved
national recipes and other endangered wildlife – some of which can’t survive without ancient trees.
Last year The Woodland Trust launched its Living Legends campaign, to secure better legal
protection for the UK’s oldest and most special trees. Adele, a Campaigner at the Woodland Trust,
recently went on a fact-finding mission to Poland to explore their natural monuments scheme and
the potential it has for tree protection in the UK. She’ll outline the flaws in our current system of tree
protection, share learnings from the natural monuments scheme and explore what’s next for the
Living Legends campaign.

Sara King – Catalysing rewilding through the Rewilding Network

Rewilding is growing as a movement with an increasing number of innovative projects across Britain.
This talk will provide an introduction to the Rewilding Network, how we are supporting over 200
projects on the ground to move up the rewilding spectrum and deliver exciting new landscapes and
seascapes for wildlife and people.

Anya Wicikowski – Are Black Grouse Going to save the World? 

The term Flagship Species often brings to mind images of pandas in zoos and tigers stalking through the forest, but there is one very important one hiding in the hills of North Wales. This talk will take you through the history of Black Grouse in Wales and explore how Black Grouse could fight climate change, support rural communities, and save the biodiversity of the uplands.

Having worked as an Ornithologist for several years, Anya is now a Conservation Officer for the RSPB in North Wales. Her work currently focuses on the Uplands and Black Grouse.

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