Exercise 1:

Based on what you have learnt so far right down three words that you believe describe Mary as a leader.
Now look back at the week 1 exercise when you described the traits of your role model leader.  How closely did those traits reflect your description of Mary?
Now look back to week 1 at your description of the leader you want to be. Can you see a similarity once more to your description of Mary?

Exercise 2:

Have a look at Mary’s ten traits.  Take time to reflect on each one, even if at this stage you are only focusing on the title.  How effective do you already believe you are at each trait?  Maybe someone who knows you and you trust could help by feeding back their observations.  You could use a simple 1-10 scoring scale. Which do you currently think are your strongest traits, which are in need of development?
Keep these initial scores close to hand and revisit and refine your score and thinking as we examine each trait in the coming weeks.

Lead Like Mary Model

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