Evolving Conservation Leaders


We are delighted to welcome you to our Evolving Conservation Leaders programme!

This page has been designed to act as a hub of all the information you need to make the most of being part of Evolving Conservation Leaders.

Above you will find links to information about your peers in the group, our mentors and mentoring programme, upcoming workshops and events (along with booking details), and leadership resources – including copies of the material from Becoming A Conservation Leader.

Remember to make the most of your private Facebook Group too, which you can access by clicking HERE

If there’s anything you need support with, get in touch with Becky (our Programme Manager) via info@ospreylf.org , she’ll be happy to help!

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Osprey Leadership Foundation’s Evolving Conservation Leaders Programme! We hope to create a thriving community of like-minded young conservation leaders in the UK and West Africa who are building a better world locally, nationally and internationally. By 2030 OLF will be inspiring and enabling thousands of young leaders.  Dr Tim Mackrill

Founder , Osprey Leadership Foundation

Our commitment to you:

The OLF Team will…

  • Post leadership and conservation articles, opportunities and other relevant material on the Facebook Group on a regular basis and encourage discussion
  • Offer mentoring opportunities for participants, allocating an appropriate mentor based on identified need
  • Check regularly with you that your relationship with your mentor is thriving, and allocate an alternative mentor if it is not
  • Share your successes with other participants
  • Host regular networking events and development workshops
  • Support peer support groups and skills development
  • Act as a catalyst to provide and encourage volunteering opportunities to build experience
  • Carry out an annual review with you on your progress
  • Provide further support and opportunities for members as they progress from early to mid career roles

Your commitment to Evolving Conservation Leaders: 

In return we ask that members…

  • Regularly check the Facebook group and contribute to discussions
  • Post opportunities, articles and items of interest in the Facebook group
  • Share your successes with us
  • Build alliances with fellow participants
  • Participate actively in networking events and development workshops
  • Participate actively in peer support groups and skill sharing activities 
  • Engage fully with your mentor
  • Be willing to change mentor if the relationship isn’t thriving
  • Participate in an annual review of your progress
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