As we explored last week, leaders at every level have a critical role to play in executing. Execution means no more than getting the job done, whether it’s day to day activities or building a better tomorrow by delivering a longer term vision.

Take a look at this simple Execution Model from Lead Like Mary. Let’s start at the bottom. People in any team or organisation are there to deliver results. We deliver consistent results when we execute flawlessly- we get the job done. But two factors must be in place for us to execute effectively. First we must have absolute clarity- we need to know what to do and how to do it. But we must also be engaged- we must want to do it. Think about it- if someone doesn’t know what to do or wants to do it the changes of effective execution are remote. We can want to do something but if we don’t know what to do or how to do it we get the same result. It’s only when both come together that the conditions are in place for flawless execution. We will examine the ‘want to’ next week.In Lead Like Mary I suggest there are four areas of focus in building clarity. First, we need to know how what we are doing fits into the bigger picture. Can we see a link between our role and the strategy and vision of the whole organisation? When we understand that our work becomes relevant and important.
Secondly we need to be absolutely clear on our job purpose, why our job exists. We should be capable of articulating that purpose in just 20 words or less. Have a go at that in this week’s exercise.
Thirdly we need clear goals or objectives for what we are there to achieve. These need to be measurable and regularly reviewed to confirm progress and continued relevance
Finally we need support from our boss at regular, structured, effective 1-1s. There are lots of thoughts on 1-1s in Lead Like Mary. Have a look at the 1-1 exercise this week.
Where all those four elements are in place people thrive. They have enough clarity and support to focus on the most important things, and to execute effectively.
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