As I explore at the start of the podcast vision is such a grand word.  We think of great organizational visions or Martin Luther King’s famous dream speech. But remember, visions can and must exist at every level.  The things you need to change, to deliver, to make happen are every bit as important and relevant.  To be effective in virtually every job we need to be thinking about the future, how we can improve things, build a better tomorrow.

Just as importantly we need a plan to achieve the vision, we need to execute that plan.  As Bill Gates points out, a vision without execution really is daydreaming.

Let me share the story of Olympic canoeist Joe Clarke, who I have had the privilege to work with.  In 2012, as he watched the London Olympics, Joe set himself a vision- to win gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics.  A compelling vision, but pointless without a plan to achieve.  He also needed to be able to execute. Four years later, having diligently followed a rigorous training plan which required enormous focus and discipline, Joe stood on the podium in Rio, an Olympic gold medalist.  Over four long years he never lost sight of his vision.

It is unlikely your vision is going to be about winning gold medals, but it’s equally important.  Indeed as it’s likely to focus on a conservation improvement I would argue it’s even more important.

What’s your vision?

Great leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, communicate the vision and relentlessly drive it co completion. Jack Welch

Vision without execution is daydreaming. Bill Gates

If you focus hard enough on a goal anything is achievable Joe Clarke, Olympic gold medalist

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