Let’s return to the Execution model.  Last week we examined clarity- the what to and how to.  This week we consider engagement- the want to.
In Lead Like Mary I explore the thought that people engage at four different levels- their body, heart, mind and spirit.

When our body is engaged our physical needs are met.  We are paid a reasonable wage for the job we are doing, there are other benefits in place (typical examples would be holiday entitlement, sick pay, maternity pay, pension etc.), we have a safe working environment and the basic skills and tools we need to do the job.

When our heart is engaged our social and emotional needs are met.  We are treated with respect at work, are recognized and praised for a job well done, and although work is a serious business we have some fun there as well.

When our mind is engaged we are asked for ideas on how things could be done better at work.  We are given freedom within a framework, we are given the opportunity for personal development and to learn new skills, we are encouraged to take on more responsibility and new challenges, where appropriate a career plan set out for us.

Our spirit is the highest level of engagement.  Now we really feel we are part of an important purpose, we are making a difference with the work we do.  We work for an organisation with values similar to our own, we are inspired by the work we are doing and given the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.

It is rare to come across people who feel fully engaged at all four levels but when I come across it I see amazing people delivering amazing results.

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