Well done for reaching the final week.  Thank you for sticking with the programme.  Over the past twelve weeks we have introduced you to the concept of authentic leadership, and examined most of them.  You will have heard a brief description of the final two, Joint Accountability and Relentless, on this week’s podcast. I’d like to bring things to a close with these thoughts

  1. Anyone can be a leader, it’s a choice
  2. We need great leaders everywhere- at all levels of organisations, in families, schools, communities, voluntary endeavours and society.
  3. It’s through great leadership that things get done- we build a better tomorrow
  4. Great leaders are authentic, they lead because of who they are.  Others are inspired to follow them
  5. Great leaders lead inside-out.  They begin by effectively leading themselves
  6. Authentic leaders are low in ego and high in humility
  7. Nothing can stop you from resolving, every day, to lead like Mary

The conservation world is desperately in need of effective, authentic leadership.  You can be one of those leaders.  Go lead like Mary!

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