What’s your vision?  What is it that you want to deliver over the next few weeks and months?  Take time to clarify that vision to yourself so you can articulate it clearly and concisely.  Remember, it’s not about great organizational visons, or about changing the world (yet!).  It’s something tangible you want to focus yourself and others.

Write down your vision in no more than 20 words.  Then re-read it.  Is it aspirational and challenging yet relevant and achievable?  Will it create a better tomorrow?

How will you execute in order to achieve your vision?  What are the steps you and others need to take along the way?  How will you measure progress?  Who will you involve?  What short term wins will you create?  How will you know you have achieved your vision?  What are the barriers to effective execution?

Consider your vision and execution plan in the light of Kotter’s change framework from page 116 of Lead Like Mary – an extract is included in the week 9 page of Becoming A Conservation Leader.

Where are you confident you are following the framework?  Where might the weaknesses be?  How can you address them?

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